Thursday, June 20, 2013

Five Things for Mackenzie

I have so much that I want to write about but little time to get it done. So before I jump into what I really want to write about today I will give you a update on our father's day. Even thought he had to work I think it went really well. Mack made Him a gift at school and we had a few things for him at the house. We made him a basket with some his favorite things. Overall we had a good day. But it was a little bittersweet for me. I have never celebrated father's day with my own father so it was a big deal for me. I wanted Him to have a good day and know that we appreciate all the hard work he does.We love him to pieces!!

Everyday I think about the things that I want to teach Mackenzie as she grows into a young lady.It seems like that is so far away but time is going by so fast right now.It seems just like yesterday she was coming home from the hospital and now she is eating solid food. It is so much that I want her to know about this world we live in. But this is just a short little list of things I want her to know.

1.Be true to who you are. Always be true to yourself.Growing up you are going to have the pressure to fit in and be like those around you. But never change who you are because you are one of a kind.Follow your heart to what ever it is you want to do. Listen to that little voice in your heart to be who you are. I have always been called different by those around me.I tried to fit in with those around me and I wasn't happy. But when I decided to be true to who I am I have been happy.Don't be afraid to be who you are my love.

2.You are beautiful. I tell you everyday that you are beautiful.No one else has to tell you that because I do. No need to look for that validation from anyone else because you get that from home.You are beautiful my Bean.

3.Real friends are hard to find. Real friends are hard to find. When you have a real friend always treat them with respect. You will know when you find that one friend that will be there through thick and thin. Don't get me wrong you are going to have your issues but the test is how you work them out.Sometimes that friend is the person you least expect.

4.Laugh. Sometimes you have to stop and take a moment to just laugh.I believe that laughter is healing for the soul. You are going to have situations when all you can do it laugh. Now don't get me wrong you have to know when to be serious.It is a time and place for everything.Just know that you don't have to take everything so serious all the time.

5. You are loved. You my dear are one of the most loved little girls that I know. They don't have the words to describe the amount of love your mommy and daddy has for you.Also you have a family that loves you.You my Bean are blessed to know what it feels like to be loved.

It is so much more that I want to teach you about this thing we call life.I love this saying live like today is your last and dance like no one is watching. Love you so very much Mackenzie aka Bean.

Mack's Mommy