Thursday, August 8, 2013

Becoming A Parent

I have only been a parent for eight and a half months.But I feel like I became a parent the moment I found I was pregnant. I stepped into this role without knowing what to do. I parent off of what I feel.I often look around at those around me and I say do they feel the same way about parenting that I do.Most people around me have been doing this parenting thing for a lot longer than I have but sometimes I question their decisions. I question if they ever really gave up anything or if they truly care at all. Now I know that may step on somebodies toes but these are real questions that I ask myself.No we are not the perfect parents to Mack because half the time we are just going with the flow.But it is nothing in the world we would not do for her.Since becoming a mom I have learned that the things I really want to do or have comes second to her needs.So many days I go off of a couple hours of sleep, change my plans cause she needs me or I just can't leave her and go without the things I want so she can have the best of what she needs.I work a job that I do not like because Mack comes first.It was a time I would have walked out of this job a long time ago but I think about Mack.I think about all the things she would have to give up because I wanted to be selfish and leave my job. Her dad works seven days a week so that she can have a nice place to stay and go to school everyday.Is it hard sometimes with him being gone so much? Yes it is but we do what we have to do to take care of our family.So do I give a side eye to people who don't step up to the plate and do what they are suppose to do? Yes I do because some of these people are just selfish at the end of the day.Being a parent is hard and some days you might not have any clue what to do but you figure it out.But I said all of that to say grow up and become a parent to yours.Don't look for anyone else to take that on because they shouldn't have to.I will give my last for Mack because I am her parent.She can't fight for the things she needs or defend herself in situations beyond her control.That is my job because she is just a baby who looks to her parents to do that for her.I know I may have stepped on some toes but sometimes things need to be said.Until next time kisses :)

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